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Discussion on: Productivity Tips From Developers to Developers

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Ihor Klymenok
  • Prioritize first
    Usually impact that you create is really important. Hours spent is not the target of the work. Prioritize in order to get rid of unimportant tasks.

  • Understand the domain
    Sometimes it helps you to propose much simpler solution and save your time and project costs.

  • Divide tasks to smart and dump
    Don't take a lot of smart/complex tasks in short period of time. Your mind fuel is not so big :)
    Instead, combine them with routine stupid tasks, where you can wear your headphones and do the job.

  • Find your velocity
    Try to estimate and track the real amount of time that you spent on the task. After you'll find personal velocity, you can control pressure that company trying to put on you.
    For example if you know that you will complete task in 3 hours, you can estimate it in 4 hours and have some space to think and slow down.

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