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Use colorful avatar improve user experience

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I develop Vue component to show user avatar, below screenshoot show component is.

Alt Text

As you can see has two circle avatar one show M alphabet and other shown image.

// show first alphabet from mixbo 
<Avatar name="mixbo"/> 

// show image with src url
<Avatar src="" />
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I think it helpful when show user avatar but user not upload avatar, it's good experience isn't it?

Also you can use default avatar image when user not upload avatar.

The different alphabet avatar to default avatar is more personal and colorful.

Show you how to calculate the first alphabet with different background color

const colors = [
avatarAlphabetBGColor = (name) => {
  const idx = name.charCodeAt(0) % colors.length
  return colors[idx]
avatarAlphabetBGColor("mixbo") // "#F6C100"
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avatarAlphabetBGColor caculate the first name aplhabet and get the background color from pre-define const colors. so same aplhabet will return same background color.

avatarAlphabetBGColor("mixbo") // "#F6C100"
avatarAlphabetBGColor("mile") // "#F6C100"
avatarAlphabetBGColor("ihavecoke") // "#FF6D00"
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That all the magical hope it can help you :)

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