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Confusion of new managers.

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I recently read an article about management and made some notes to share with you

As a new manager the following four types of statements are the most common

  • A last resort I can’t do technology for a lifetime

    • many seniors have transferred to management, and I have to change.
  • Success in the eyes of others

    • If you can be a company executive, others will think of me as an excellent and successful person.
  • Not disappointing the expectations of the organization

    • The superior said that I am suitable for management, and I cannot live up to his expectations for me.
  • Subjective daydreaming about management

    • You don’t need to do everything by yourself, just arrange for the subordinates to do it, it should be easier.

No matter which of the above four categories, it is difficult for you to go a long way in management. because the above four types of statements all belong to the category of "external drive".

It is time to consider your own internal motivation and real demands, three important questions to help you make a judgment.

  • Do you agree with the value of management?

    • I think management work is not as valuable as technical work, and solving problems through technical means is the coolest thing.
    • Even if many people think you are suitable for management, if you do not think management is valuable, you will not be happy to do it for a long time.
  • Are you passionate about management and enjoying these jobs?

    • Do you enjoy being responsible for the coordination and promotion of a large project? will its successful launch give you a strong sense of accomplishment?
    • Have you ever thought about what kind of processes and mechanisms can deal with the omissions in team work?
  • Do you value growth in management?

    • Every manager starts from the technical backbone or business backbone. Prior to this, there was not much learning and accumulation of management, which means that you have good management plasticity, and it also means that you have too much

Things need learning and training.

There is a lot of awareness and ability to expand management

  • Greater responsibility.

  • A more stereoscopic perspective

  • A more flexible way of thinking.

Seems to be challenges and requirements, so what can I get?

  • First of all when you reach a larger platform, your ability and vision will be greatly improved

  • Secondly not only become stronger you also have a team, you can handle bigger and more complicated things and make greater achievements.

  • This will give you a stronger sense of accomplishment.

  • Your influence has increased significantly

  • Your abilities, achievements, and influence have been comprehensively improved, and you have received more spiritual and material rewards.

Hope it can help you :)

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