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Quick tip: Sharing JetBrains code style throughout the repository

Igor Santos
Remote developer with ~10 years of experience. Mostly worked with PHP and with a passion for REST APIs and front-end interfaces, UX and DX. I also have a foot on React and Python/Django :)
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This is a quick one. There's an article from JetBrains explaining how to properly include the .idea folder in the project's repository. However, I was never able to understand how to include the Code Style there. On three different projects, we ended up sharing the Code Style export through Slack... lol

However, if you simply copy the style from the IDE into the Project itself, it will start showing properly on the .idea folder. The problem is that this option is not really obvious, and there's little clue on why this single setting is not included on the said folder, while other parts of the project settings are clearly marked as "shared/project exclusive".

Copy style into JetBrains project

This has been tested on PHPStorm, but I'm pretty sure it will work on PyCharm, IntelliJ, WebStorm or whatever else flavor of a JetBrains IDE you use!

Have fun coding.

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