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I really love technical articles, specially the ones about embedded or low level systems (something that seems to be not so common here).

I feel like DEV is 50/50 when it comes to technical and lifestyle articles, but most technical ones tend to be solely about webdev or related technologies.


Would it be a good trade off if I write some articles about Rust? Well, as you know, I am a web dev. But I find that Rust is good choice to have low level superpowers and it has great tools for NodeJs or Web Assembly integrations. How does it sound to you?


I'm not a fan of Rust myself, but I'd love to see someone bringing systems programming here, it'd be a great to see a change of pace for DEV.

Bonus points if you manage to speedup something you have, or do actual bare metal programming.

I tried to speedup something at work that used to be really slow. We passed from 130 seconds to under 1 second doing the same exact operations.

The first solution was a Javascript library and the second was a library that I created with Neon CLI with its core written in Rust.


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