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The fastest way to prototype API in Rails application

igorkasyanchuk profile image Igor Kasyanchuk ・1 min read

Hello, Ruby community,

I've for a review one gem which could help you to build prototype (or production-ready) API in your Rails application.


Very often if you are just backend developer you need to implement some skeleton of API for Frontend Team. Most of the time you need to quickly change response, change format, rename something and have data that looks real.

When we are writing unit tests we often using Faker gem and FactoryBot to get nice sets of data and close to "real" user names, emails, etc.

So the idea of this gem is to use Faker to help you to build API prototype quickly and use syntax similar to Rails routing and FactoryBot to define API routes and responses.

Just check the demo and give a chance to this gem.

PS: You are also welcome to contribute :)

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