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Design in minutes.

Geometric Seamless Pattern Constructor is a system for the easy creation of colourful geometric patterns that can be used in web or graphic design projects. With Figma, all you need to do is plug in your colours.



Design in style

Geometric Seamless Pattern Constructor is a set of patterns made with Figma and it's easy to use. You can customize all colours, sizes and positions of the pattern parts.
A wide selection of colors and styles for your seamless patterns.


One pattern, infinite possibilities.

With the Geometric Seamless Pattern Constructor, you'll have access to a wide selection of colors and styles for your seamless patterns. Perfect for a variety of graphic design projects or web product designs!


Cut costs and save time with one tool.

The Geometric Seamless Pattern Constructor lets you cut costs and save time on your design process. With bright colors, instant design updates, and the ability to export patterns to Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, or Photoshop CC for editing, this tool is perfect for both freelance designers and product teams!


Create endless color combinations

Use your creativity to create a seamless pattern with any colours in the world. The Figma file contains assets and building blocks made as components with variants, that make your design process fast and easy. All colours are in styles and can be fully customized.


Design something beautiful with our system.

Let your creativity start breath!

You can find the file at site.

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