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Beware! New Scam That Targets Web Designers.

Image descriptionMaybe you, my friends-designers, have been in the situation before: you were starring at your inbox and Bingo! You See the quotation request from a prospective customer. That is a minute of thrill and hope. You are starting to communicate with the client. You are going through the quotation process with them; everything is just right, and you're moving towards signing an agreement...

And suddenly, at the very end, when you are agreed about the prepayment, the client says that they can send money only to their checking account in US. They want to pay by check only and their accountant recommends them. And it's a game stopper - you are in Europe or Asia and there is no way for your company to get funds from any other bank than through checks which don't work because of international remittance restrictions due to currency conversion rates. You have no US bank account so who is using checks nowadays?

It's happened. You are disappointed, and all of this deal is over. The disappointment can be in the form of a person or an event that you were looking forward to happening but did not come through as planned. It could also happen because something didn't go according to plan and your expectations weren't met. Either way, it's disappointing when things don’t work out as expected for whatever reason--it makes you feel like nothing will ever turn out right again.

Time runs, and eventually, you are getting a new quotation request. When you read the email, you feel deja vu - you've read this before! Okay, it's not a 100% clone, but the overall structure, tone of voice and some phrases are strongly reminding you of that first email you got before.

Then you realise that this email is probably from one person, and it's time to understand why they're writing the emails. Who knows what happens if you sign up for their terms-you might be authorizing them to take your checking account number. You also realize that in all likelihood, you are happy this has been avoided - whether or not it was a waste of time and money.

So I want to share this new scam technique with you to be protected.

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