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Best 6 Digital Design Agencies In Eastern Europe

If you are confused and seeking help, here are the best digital agencies in Eastern Europe that offer efficient and high-quality services in a reasonable price range.
The twenty-first century comes with digital modernization. However, it got more amplified and accelerated with the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic. Digital design agencies play a vital role in providing services regarding digital designs.

Hotsnow (Estonia)

It is a Tallinn-based digital design agency that offers a wide range of services, starting from web designing, graphic designing, etc. This digital agency is seen to respond actively throughout the globe, thereby ensuring a friendly business environment. Their incredible and excellent services attract clients from every corner of the globe—recent ratings on Clutch. Co shows hot snow among the best digital design agencies in Eastern Europe.

Fireart Studio

It is located in Warsaw, Poland. It is a boutique design and software development firm. It is considered one of the most popular product development houses all across Eastern Europe. Moreover, it offers incredible services regarding UX/UI designs for mobile and web brand identity designs. Other services include implementation in code, graphic designing, motion designing, product research, animation, custom digital illustrations, and explainer video production.

Fireart studio is also included in a digital design agency that offers Huawei, Google, Pipedrive, Rolls Royce, Swiss Fin Lab, Bolt, and others. The company holds a 5-star ranking and positive reviews. Therefore, it holds a reputable position in digital design agencies in Eastern Europe.

Habitat (Ukraine)

It is a digital design and branding agency in Ukraine specializing in UX/UI designs for the mobile and web, graphic design, design for keynote presentations, iconography, social media content, front-end development, and product development.

Furthermore, this digital design agency has the expertise and exceptional skills regarding designing SaaS interfaces, especially human-centered designs. It was founded in the year 2016 in Kyiv. Besides, it offered its services to DOGIZ, Little Spoon, FENDI, CGTaders, and Open Channel.

League Design Agency (Ukraine)

It is a product design agency with an office in Kyiv, Ukraine. It was founded in the year 2017 and has completed 76 digital designing projects and 15 brand identity styles for more than 43 clients from 16 different world countries. They achieved 20 local and international awards. They strive to introduce beautiful and innovative designs in the digital market.

Like firms mentioned above, they also deal with website designs, SaaS designs, mobile app designing, and brand identity creation. League Design Agency's clients include GEO Protocol, Pix, Ignilife, Alterra Group, Sherpa Prep, WP2P, Synergy, and Great Place to Work.

Mobee Dick (Poland)

Mobee Dick is another incredible Polish digital design agency. It was founded in Katowice in the year 2012. This digital agency offers extensive services regarding digital strategy creation, product design, UX/UI design, and optimization. They mainly focus on mobile solutions. Mobee Dick dealt previously with the WARTA, Polish Airlines, ITAKA, mBank, Banque Saudi Fransi, EmpikGo, Rainbow Tours, Empik, and RASP.

Furthermore, Mobee Dick enables clients to leverage digital marketing tools to build marketing strategies, build creative teas, and implement production processes efficiently in the companies.

Humbleteam (Czech Republic)

Humbleteam is a digital designing consulting firm emphasizing startups. This firm has its offices in New York in the USA, Praha in the Czech, and Moscow in Russia. Its work was mentioned in the media like TechCrunch, Forbes, The Verge, and VentureBeat. Humbleteam created many designs for many clients worldwide, including 500 firms and Y Combinator startups.


According to Clutch's ranking, the firms mentioned above are the best 6 Digital design agencies in Eastern Europe. So, now, if you are looking for incredible services regarding UX/UI designs, website designs, graphic designs, logo designs, animations, video making, and Mobile app development, then you are at the right place. In the above article, you can get information for the best service providing digital agencies to help you efficiently at a reasonable cost.

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