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Getting an Open Source Projects Off the Ground

ignoreintuition profile image Brian Greig ・1 min read

Some of you may remember when I published an article a month or so back on Binding charts to data in Vue. Since then I have found myself engaged in trying to build out a full featured library of D3 charts for Vue.js. This has been a great learning experience and by embracing Hacktoberfest I was able to get some contributors to pick up a few features here and there. Nearly two months in I feel like it is coming together nicely but I don't feel like it is reaching an audience. Now it could be that this is too niche or because there are other, more mature libraries that provide similar functionality. I like to think, however, that there is a slice of the development community that would be interested in building out a robust, standards-based, customizable charting library for Vue.

What are some of the things that you have done to get your open source project in front of developers? Is it just about getting stars (which I would greatly appreciate wink wink) so that it hits Github's trending page? Or is there something else to it? I would love to hear some of your personal experiences and how to build that audience.

Thanks and keep coding.

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You can share about the project in i-made-this channel in vue discord server


Though I haven't been extremely successful so far, I've gotten some good feedback and interest from sharing projects on a relevant subreddit. But I'm really interested to see what others recommend.


I have tried through subreddits but many of them have rules against posting personal projects or end up getting down-voted because the come across a Spam. If you know of some subreddits that welcome this type of submission let me know. I would appreciate it.


I know that r/coolgithubprojects accepts project submissions and usually provides some feedback. Though, I'd recommend finding a more specific/relevant subreddits for better feedback and project involvement.