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Discussion on: What are your favorite DB GUI tools?

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Kevin Peters • Edited on

Recently discovered Beekeeper Studio, it is Open Source and free. Based on Electron and Vue.js it is cross-platform which is super nice. On top, it works with most SQL dialects. Personally, I mostly use PostgreSQL in my personal projects so this is just perfect and so much better than pgAdmin.

For work, I use Datagrip since the license is provided. The most used feature there is probably the copy rows as CSV, JSON, or similar. That is the deal breaker there. Hoping Beekeeper introduces this feature as well.

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Datagrip would be my Choice for SQL if had a license. It tried it once and it really works well.

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Matthew Rathbone

👋 Beekeeper Studio creator here. We have download table as CSV/JSON, but not copy rows. Like that idea. I'll add it to the feature requests :-)

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Julian Jupiter

I uninstalled it immediately coz the tables were not being shown. I commented on one of the posts of Beekeeper on Twitter but got no response. What a horrible experience from both software and its twitter.

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Beekeeper studio is my favorite one!!!

Please consider add MongoDB support

Also... Way don't add hacktoberfest lable to the issues? 🔥🔥🔥

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Matthew Rathbone

Would love too add mongo support, but I'm not a current mongo user, and feels like it deserves some real work to figure out how to display mongo data in a way that works well.

So probably not for a little while I guess? If you have ideas on what results should look like for mongo data please take screenshots and make an issue! It will help me a lot when I build the feature.

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Wow ! Congratulations. An amazing tool. I didn’t know it, so I will install and checkit

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Matronator • Edited on

I wouldn't mention the Electron part if you want to drive people in, not out. Electron apps are cancer.

But back to the topic, I vote DataGrip as well.