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How i plan to maximise my learning to improve my skills

I have recently completed my professional development plan and have come up with a few different ways to maximise my learning to reach my goals.

Keep practising even if I think I have perfected it!

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Learning a topic or process may be easy, but it is just as easy to forget it in a couple of weeks if not put into practice. I think the easiest way to keep on practising is to have a structure to follow instead of working out of my head from scratch. I have found a few challenges listed below which i am going to attempt to try at some point to keep practising my skills.

Teaching someone else to help improve my understanding.

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Once I think I have an in-depth understanding of a topic. I think a great to cement it is to teach or collaborate with others. This will also help me to improve my communication and teamwork skills. This method is often referred to as the protégé effect. It has ben proven to improves your learning process by increasing your metacognitive processing, increasing your use of effective learning strategies, increasing your motivation to learn the material, and increasing your feelings of competence and autonomy.

Figure out what time management system works best for me

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There are many different learning methods out there and have yet to find the perfect one for me. I am going to try some of the few listed below to see what works best. Doing this will hopefully help me maximise my learning my using my time effectively.

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I recommend you to try to make small steps but a lot of them. (Constantly)

I completly changed my way of learning and working after reading "atomic habits".
The key concept behind that is the fact that you never really finish anything in the IT industry. Also you're never done learning.
Why should you keep setting goals and stress yourself to reach them in time, when you can just integrate everything into your life/habits?
Makes less stress and safes time. :-)

Nevertheless thanks for the article!