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Best Apps for Organizing International Healthcare Relocations

International relocation is tough for any company, but it is especially challenging for healthcare providers as they need to worry about moving huge amounts of confidential data, tools, machinery, doctors, paramedical staff, and medical equipment that requires efficient management.

Therefore, to relocate internationally, healthcare organizations must hire a project manager, ensure engagement with all stakeholders, and create a strategic plan that presents a systematic way for relocation. But, these steps are still not enough.

In this modern era, we have access to apps for everything. Thankfully, there are tons of apps that assist in organizing international healthcare relocations. Since the records and equipment are related to the health of the patients, even a minute error can result in massive disruption.

So, let us see how these apps can help us:


Evernote is embedded with numerous features to make your move a peaceful one. The app team is constantly improving its features, and some new features have been introduced recently. One of them is the Home feature.

With this feature, you can view all your key content in the front home section. For instance, you can divide the home into categories like equipment, files, furniture, staff, etc. Then, you can view the current status of each category at a glance.

Healthcare relocations also require proper management of furniture. For this, the picture option is appropriate. Just take the pictures of furniture and save them with the name of the room you want it to be relocated. This will save your time and help in better management.

Similarly, you can take pictures of heavy-duty equipment like scanning equipment, surgical machinery, critical tools, etc., and save them in the app. After reaching, you do not need to think or tell the moving staff about the placement of each piece of machinery. They can just review the app and place things accordingly.

Additionally, there are other features like calendars, keyboard shortcuts, tables, etc. All of them help in organizing your relocation with ease.


Sortly is another great app, and many international movers use it. The app can sync with multiple devices. So, you can update all your healthcare team in one go. Furthermore, it is famous for creating labels and tags. You can group your moving items and label them. For instance, you can make various groups like nebulizers, wheelchairs, bedding equipment, insulin pumps, walkers, breast pumps, etc.

Additionally, you can create subgroups in this app and label them. This will help you in rechecking the items, and chances of missing any equipment will reduce. For instance, under the wheelchair category, you can create separate groups for manual and electric chairs.

There are many other features of this app like sharing list, reminders, deadlines, folders, comments, tags, etc.

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Tip: Create separate cartons of each item and then create labels in the app. If some items are not added, create a deadline in the app. The app will then remind you, and you can complete your box.


Letgo app lets you get free of unnecessary items. It provides a platform to sell your stuff so that you can take only the essential items. When relocating a healthcare firm, you can easily sell extra stuff through this app.

The app is free and intuitive. Apart from it, it offers other features like home, chat, camera, categories, profile, etc. These features are interrelated and help in taking a picture of your items, adding descriptions, and then selling them.

Healthcare firms can sell their furniture items and small equipment through this app if carrying this equipment increases the overall weight. This app is also helpful for items that are likely to break during the relocation process. Delicate medical equipment can easily be sold and purchased as per the new location.

Move Advisor

Move Advisor can assist the healthcare companies in creating the digital map of their current place. This can save time and make it easier to take estimates from multiple moving companies. Available on both Android and iOS, the app is free to use.

Moreover, it helps in finding out the best movers. Yes, you can read the reviews of several moving companies directly from the app. Besides this, creating moving timelines becomes easier with Move Advisor. You can simply create a timeline for each task, share it with the entire team, and keep track.

The app further helps in creating virtual rooms. Whether it is a reception section, a daycare room, or a clinical department, you can create a checklist of items for each section. Thus, from initial planning and timeline settings to finding a reliable mover, this app provides everything under one roof.

Google Keep

Just like Move Advisor, Google Keep is an all-in-one app. Be it an initial moving plan, keynotes, inventory management, timelines, or any other thing; you can do it with Google Keep.

During a healthcare move, you can assign duties to the managers of each department. This duty will be of creating lists on Google Keep as per the specific department needs. In case of doubts, they can use the sharing feature of an app. Furthermore, they can use voice recording and picture facilities to ease the process.

The app is equally beneficial for unpacking items and organizing things after the move. Thankfully, it is free to use and has many positive reviews.

Now You Know The Best Apps to Organize International Relocation for Healthcare Companies
In short, healthcare relocation can become easier if we use a suitable app. Depending on the size of the business, nature, and country, appropriate steps should be taken. But, planning is imperative from the beginning.

Apps like Move Advisor and Google Keep can become your best partners for the planning procedure. These apps can even be used for the entire moving process. Besides this, there are many other apps like Evernote, Sortly, Letgo, etc. Be it a checklist creation, setting up departments virtually, packing with labels, or any other task, these apps are helpful. Therefore, do not forget to download an app if you are planning for a healthcare move.

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Andrew Fortier

I've read your insightful article on the best apps for organizing international healthcare relocations, and it's a comprehensive guide for anyone facing such a daunting task. The importance of streamlining the process, especially when dealing with international moves, cannot be overstated.

Hiring a reputable moving company NYC or elsewhere plays a crucial role in ensuring a smooth transition. They handle the logistics, packing, and transportation, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your relocation, such as healthcare arrangements. I recommend considering local companies with international expertise, as they understand the nuances of healthcare relocations and can offer invaluable support during this complex process. Thanks for shedding light on this critical topic!