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Nevertheless, Ifeoma Coded.

What Equality in tech means to me is ...

The future is equal!

Equality in tech is attending meetups without wondering if you would be the only woman in a room filled a hundred men, wondering if you would have to put up with a male speaker's sexist joke and the laughter from other men that follow after, then there is you looking around and wondering if no other person finds what the speaker said is wrong.

Equality in tech is a colleague or a senior not looking down on you or doubting your capabilities mainly because your gender differs from his.

Equality in tech is tech companies, offices and workspaces respecting the women in those spaces and making the environment feel like a safe space so that women can progress professionally.

Equality in tech is women being in spaces where they feel confident enough to express themselves without doubt.

Equality in tech is women speakers being given the same opportunity to speak as their male counterparts.

This is what Equality in tech means to me as a young woman who works in tech.

Happy International Women's Day! You are Awesome! 🎉

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Waylon Walker

Equality in tech is understanding and respecting everyone's differences. We all bring our own unique background, embrace it.