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Programming Languages as Super Heroes Comics!!

Hello Everyone, Today we Might Bring something a little Different for you!

We on the team had a very creative idea and thought about giving some programming languages to AI and ask them how would they be if they were Superheros in a comic book, Can you imagine reading a super history about Python & Java helping the city? Haha!

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The Python Power

I honestly didn't see python as strong, I thought it would look more lie Reed Richards on the comics, but no, We got ourself Captain America!

So For those Python users, you're as Strong as Captain America!

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Flash? Or JavaScript

Okay, I really like his look like reverse flash, that's why JavaScript is trying to run and beat C++ haha!

Maybe you guys are that fast, uh!

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This is my favourite so far because java is always there trying to sneaky on us but remember that if you write your code in java it will be read anywhere

Write once, run anywhere

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The super Power of R

Okay, this is giving vibes more like Journalist, so who it is? it can't be anyone in the office that you work at or anyone in the streets but he's always on the look out.

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C++ and his powers

Okay, this is very strange but he kinda looks like Super man and batman at the same time?

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IDURAR is Open Source ERP / CRM (Invoice / Inventory / Accounting / HR).

  • Ant design framework
  • Build with Mern stack Node.js / Express.js / MongoDb / React.js
  • Redux state manager✨
  • Inventory & Accounting

Open Source ERP / CRM

Github Repository:

Thank You everyone

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I hope you liked to see our Super Heroes and if you have any other idea for programming languages, why don't you share with us in the comments, so we can do more heroes!

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Best regards,
The idurar-erp-crm Team

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