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ReactNavigation AuthFlow Demo in ReasonML

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Replicate the react-navigation AuthFlow Demo in ReasonML. The demo is here: I needed to understand how to get some basic switch and stack navigation working together in ReasonML. The binding for navigation are WIP at the excellent reason-react-native repo. More broadly, learning this on the fly takes time and to reduce the scope of what I have to learn, I decided I would try to limit myself to using react-native/react-native-web, in #ReasonML, of course, for all ui moving forward. That means I had to get some basic routing worked out for any mobile app version.

This version is kinda rough around the edges. The screen transitions don't seem smooth. I am sure I will figured that out eventually. I am just getting started with ReactNavigation so I will get to that knowledge soon I guess. The code is here.


This error was new to me:

Warning: Can't perform a React state update on an unmounted component. This is a no-op, but it indicates a memory leak in your application. To fix, cancel all subscriptions and asynchronous tasks in %s.%s, a useEffect cleanup function,

I didn't really understand this at first because the app was running but throwing this warning. After researching and asking around, I came to learn that I needed to clean up my React.useEffect function to unmount after checking the auth status of the user.

That was done in src/ in:

    () => {
      Utils.checkAuthWithRoute(~navigation) |> ignore
      // cleanup function that does nothing
      // thanks to @thangngoc89 for the tip on cleaning up useEffect
      Some(() => ());

The Some(() => ()); is what got it mostly done. I continued to get the issue only when i refreshed the IOS simulator after the user was logged in. So since it was working without error when there was no user logged in, I tried to replicate that setup. I ended up sending the routing the signOut function back to the module and letting that component figure out where to go next. I have no idea if this is the recommended way to do things but it works for the purposes of this demo. All that is happening in src/utils/ This has the unintended effect of cleaning up the rest of the view screens as I ended up calling most of the transition logic directly in the auth promises.

Running the app

git clone
cd react-navigation-authflow-in-reasonml
yarn install

In another directory, run yarn start to start expo. Hit i in that terminal to open the app in the simulator. Or whatever other of the five ways that can be done.

You can find me at @_idkjs with any questions.

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