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npx bsconfig.json


I've been annoyed by writing or createing new bsconfig.json files for projects that may not have started out as reasonml or ocaml projects, especially when using reason-apollo-client and graphql-ppx projects. So, inspired by the greate @benawad who teaches at youtube/benawad97 and his tsconfig.json project, I created myself this utility. Check it out if you are like me and just want to remove the friction of creating a new bsconfig.json file.

Run npx bsconfig.json.

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Florian Hammerschmidt

That's a great idea, very useful. Starred.

Soon we will get monorepo support, where you will need yet another "root" bsconfig.json, it seems. Your tool could make that easier with another config named monorepo or workspaces or something.

idkjs profile image

Absolutely. Dead simple to reproduce for other configs. Thanks for star and retweet.

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Gabriel Rubens Abreu

Great idea and amazing tool, Alain!