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Connect your AWX/Ansible Tower with Keycloak using OIDC !


Want to connect your AWX/Ansible Tower with your SSO solution (thanks to openid connect), in my case keycloak, you're in the right place.
I have seen a lot of tutorials on how to configure with SAML, but not one with OIDC so here it is :)


- A keycloak
- An ansible tower / awx
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If you respect all these prerequisites, you are good to go !


Go to your beautiful keycloak instance
Add a client in keycloak with this redirect url
Something like this :


Get your keys in your credentials part (if not set, set it to Client ID and secret)

In your awx/tower instance, go to settings, generic oidc and fill all the infos :
OIDC key : Keycloak's client id
OIDC secret : Keycloak's client secret
OIDC provider : https://KEYCLOAK_HOST/realms/YOUR_REALM


Only that, yes.


Your awx/ansible tower is now connected with keycloak.

See you on the next article !

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Thank you.

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