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All-in-one JavaScript SDK to make web apps passwordless

Nikolay Poturnak
Digital identity and cyber security product leader. CEO @ idemeum ( ex Facebook, ex VMware, ex FireEye.
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Hey guys!

I built Passwordless Platform, and am looking for honest feedback to make the product useful.

I embraced on a journey to combine passwordless authentication with the power of Single Sing-On across apps:

  • I took what Auth0 is doing (set of SDKs and tools to outsource auth e2e)
  • Combined it with what social login is doing (SSO across domains and apps)
  • Added privacy so that only users have access to identity data
  • ...and created idemeum.

Today I have JavaScript SDK that can integrate into your SPA app and enable 3 types of auth flows:

  1. Login with one-click
  2. Login with biometrics
  3. Login with mobile app

Let me know what you think. I will be happy to share working code examples of how to use JS SDK to go passwordless.

Live demo so you can play with auth experience.

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