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iPhone connects and disconnects from Mac

idawnwon profile image idawnwon ・1 min read

I am a big fan of Macbook Pro 15 inch (late 2015).
Reasons are simple:
Full ports
Physical function keys
I own three of it.

But they all drive me crazy on the same error:
iPhone keeps charging and discharging when plugged into it.

Whichever cord, even a brand new lightning cord.
Whichever macOS version, 10.12 - 10.15.
Whichever iPhone, iPhone 6 - iPhone XS.
Whichever iOS version, 9.0 - 14.0.

I recognised it for so long, don't care it too much, until just now when I was compiling a flutter app to my iPhone for testing.

Googled, found so many heart-broken big fans, also found a good solution.

According to this thread in Apple Communities

Connect your iphone to your Mac.

Go to Activity Monitor --> Search for usbd --> Force quit it.


Try terminal :

sudo killall -STOP -c usbd

Worked for me.

Also, someone say,

You will not believe me, but I noticed that when my phone has more than 60% of the battery charge this problem is not exists anymore ... it's very strange, I checked several times ...

Not in my case.

By the way, Touch Bar is a gimmick, period.

Hope this helps!

So proud to be a coder!

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