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Need help with terminology for humans that follow instructions from a script

I'm trying to name things in my project, and I've been struggling too long to find names for two roles. These names are important because they are going to appear as prefixes/suffixes all over the codebase.

One of these roles is for a script that connects to the server and transmits instructions. The other role is for humans that connect to the server with a client. The client shows the instructions from the script to the humans, and they need to follow them and click on a button to report when they have finished.

My initial thought was to call them Host and Client - but the host is also a client that connects to the server, so that doesn't feel right.

I also thought to call them Script and Human, but "script" already packs too much meaning in general. Same with Plan and Worker.

Does anyone have any ideas? Maybe common terms for these roles from fields where this pattern is common?

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Nested Software • Edited

How about:

  • send_instructions_to_server
  • display_instructions_for_humans
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Dylan Anthony

Procedure maybe? The person doing the thing could be a worker or actor or user.

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Idan Arye

I like Procedure. worker/actor/user all already have common meanings, but maybe I can just use Human for that one...

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Khoa Che
  • RPC - Remote Procedure Call
  • User Agent || Actor