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Proper formatting goes a long way at improving readability:

variable = 
    condition1 ? expression1 :
    condition2 ? expression2 :
    condition3 ? expression3 :
    condition4 ? expression4 :

I'd tend to just method extract this, and use explicit return statements inside plain if-statements.

At least in part, that's because the conditions will rarely be as brief (when they are thus numerous).


Wow, Idan, I love your formatting. I’ve not seen a ternary formatted this way, and it really does improve readability!
Thanks for the great tip!


Most modern compilers are smart enough to optimise control statements. It is more readable than it otherwise would be, but why do it in the first place?


I tend to go a bit further and indent the two expressions:

    condition ?
        trueExpression :
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