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Why always Linux ?

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cuz it works and runs and makes no updates on a selfish forced option like windows it does.


Hey there is an update! Do you wanna install it?

No later thanks.

Ok im updating now because i dont give a fuck at you because its security related!

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Samuele Zanca

Your OS is just as much of a dependency as any other. Now imagine if you had automatically updating dependecies that didn't care about others being up to date and compatible. Immagine the stress and instability that would cause. That's windows.

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I find linux is much better than windows in its core, but there are a lot of disadvantages as well. Some hardware companies don't make driver for linux. Also you can't always install software you want because there isn't linux version. If we would all switch to linux it would force companies to support linux more. Also what is one disadvantage of linux is too many distors. I think if instead of making more distros people would work on improving existing ones it would be better.

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Reza Amini

I think having linux on VMware as an option alongside windows IS GREAT

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Andrew Pazikas

You are in complete control of your OS, most of the world runs on linux so being familer with it is a useful skill, a very easy way to learn it is just use it as your day-to-day OS.