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It's OK if your plans change

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I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. That’s the full extent of my formal academic history. During my undergrad, the career center asked me if I was interested in a PhD in economics. I said no. They asked me if I wanted to go on Wall St. I also said no. Then they asked me if I wanted to go to law school. I also said no. Four weeks later, I graduated and they stopped counseling me.

Fast forward a year later, I became a data scientist in rural Oklahoma working for an energy company. There, I was spending more time programming than I was theorizing on the chalkboard about foreign exchange rates and employment figures. Thereafter, I was designing graphics for newspapers which caught the interest of a large media company. I soon joined their design team in Toronto. I know. WTF, right (🤨)?

My point is that with a little bit of time, I taught myself all the skills I needed along the way. I was not doomed because I studied economics, nor was I doomed because I decided to leave data science for graphic design. Any skills or credentials I possess are simply a reflection of what I chose to do with one chapter of my life. And because of how time works, they may slowly fade into the distance as I continue to write more chapters of my story (📚).

How does your book read so far?

PS: This chapter I'm on is pretty fun. It includes a mix of Clojure, Rust, Go, and JavaScript. More about that in another post.


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