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Discussion on: Understanding the concept of the Nonce & SHA3-256 in a Blockchain with NodeJS

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Florian Author • Edited

Hey Thomas,
Thanks for your feedback. This is just a simple introduction to understand the concept of the nonce, not a full step-by-step Blockchain tutorial ;)

I'll make other tutorials to validate and register a block in a blockchain ASAP.

Anyway, you can also check this repo I've made some months ago on Glitch:
It's a fully working Blockchain made with Go & NodeJS.

[UPDATE] Here is the article to validate & add a block in the Blockchain! Enjoy

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Hello Florian,

thank very much you for this very valauable tutorial.

Is it possible to write a similar program for SHA2(SHA256)
in order to found a nonce for SHA2(SHA256)?

In this tutorial is SHA3-256 used.

I have added sha2 module with yarn and tried to achive this but sha2

module doesn't support some methods e.g. like digest and update etc.

Best Regards