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Why Choose Dev?

Hello I'm Ibrahim From TGD Dev

Today I would like to discuss Why dev is a great platform for all developers. Let's get started. (Why Choose? - An Official Dev Series! Episode 1)
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First Of all it's a easy to grow platform.
Dev is a very easy platform to build your brand on!

You just need a couple sentences and you might get featured!

It's happened to me in just 1 minute!

Second Dev Has all types of content for developers!

Like if your stuck on JavaScript Dev can help you! Want Help With Creating. A website? Dev has it! Afraid of Well somehow...
Dev has it?

Amazing as it is stuff like Pokemon videogames is not on Dev since its built for well developers. Not for non-developers. U can still try if U are a non-developer but it's not built for it.

3rd Dev Has Cool Features like adding a video body images cover images Cool themes including dark mode!
Amazing right?

Fourth A Chat? Twitter has a chat feature but your favourite stars don't reply unlike Dev Your stars Might Actually Reply Since Dev has less users You have a higher chance to meet your stars!

Yes Dev is not like other social medias like Twitter Facebook Instagram. It's a social media for Developers!

Fourth Its very friendly! Everyone here is very very friendly!

Hopefully This Episode Of Why Choose? Helped all the new comers feel welcome to Dev and I hope U enjoy this post.

Sincerely Ibrahim From TGD Dev™

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Ibrahim Imran

Great platform indeed!

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Ibrahim Imran

Spelling. Mistakes Is becuase of autocorrect.

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Ibrahim Imran

Sorry if this is crappy I didn't do any research this is my personal review so far with

Regex for lazy developers

regex for lazy devs

You know who you are. Sorry for the callout 😆