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New to my content? Here's A quick List of what I do!

Hello I'm Ibrahim From TGD Dev ™

If you're viewing this you've probably never seen my content!
So here's a quick list of what I do

  • Small happy posts!

  • Reviews on things ( I have an entire series of reviewing things called why choose i recently started doing good research Find It By Searching #WhyChoose

  • Awkward posts

  • always Say Hello I'm Ibrahim From TGD Dev ™

  • other stuff

If you like those things Consider Following Me I'll See You Later Now Bye!

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An Animated Guide to Node.js Event Loop

Node.js doesn’t stop from running other operations because of Libuv, a C++ library responsible for the event loop and asynchronously handling tasks such as network requests, DNS resolution, file system operations, data encryption, etc.

What happens under the hood when Node.js works on tasks such as database queries? We will explore it by following this piece of code step by step.