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I'm not leaving! :)

Thanks to everyone who helped me overcome my sadness the comments all of you made me not want to quit anymore!

And naysayers stop making people upset. It's not nice.

I'm happy that my comments helped me grow slowly.

Dev isn't a place to become a celebrity. I change my usual actions when I'm on Dev.

(If you don't believe me check my twitter I'm very different there)

As I'm growing your helping me grow and I thank you.

The Dev community is so nice and welcoming!

But I won't let the naysayers let me down!

I'll keep researching keep writing and keep posting.

But I don't know if I'll stop. I don't know.

In the future I might have too much work to do.

I'll try to stay free so I can keep Dev happy.

Many thanks Ibrahim From TGD Dev ™ .

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