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Ibrahim Cesar
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Wondering about the size of your bundle?

Sometimes we expend so much time coding and talking about semicolons and arrays, abstractions and models that sometimes we forget about the materiality of technology and its effects and how much we evolved so far.

3,75MB in 1956

3,75MB Hard Drive being loaded in a airplane

The cover photo and the above is from IBM's MODEL 350 RAMAC with 3,75MB in capacity and it was the first commercial hard drive shipped. IBM didn't sell it, but leased, for 750 USD/month. Which would be about a littler over 7,000 USD in todays market. If we compare with S3 pricing page from AWS, which in the cloud model is a lease somewhat, in the S3 Standard storage tier, this would be amounted to 0,08625 USD – but if all you need is archival, there's a free tier of 10GB without expiration (forever free).

Each page today is around 2MB

If you look at HTTPArchive for stats, of the 5 million pages, the median size on desktop is around 2MB and 1.9MB for mobile.

In 64 years it went from a massive metal box with disks requiring 4 people just to load the cargo, to the same amount our regular frameworks delivers at each access and is download per every user and every device. Astonishing!

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