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Webinar: Predicting the Stock Market with Watson Studio (2nd October, 2020)

On October 2nd, 2020, Data & AI Technical Specialist Anchal Bhalla​ & UAE Cloud Developer Advocate Mridul Bhandari conducted a webinar on Forecasting the Stock Market with Watson Studio.

There were a total of 38 attendees including developers and students across MEA. The webinar started with a welcome note introducing the audience to IBM Developer Series and was divided into two primary sections, one of the sections briefing the audience about Data Science, Machine Learning & Quandl, and another section was the Code Pattern.

The first part was led by Anchal Bhalla. Anchal started it off by introducing Data Science. She then explained the difference between Data Scientist, Data Engineer & Data Analyst. It was followed by Data Science Cycle, Data Analysis types, Machine Learning, Machine Learning Process, Machine Learning Types & Quandl API.

The second section of the webinar was conducted by Mridul Bhandari, which was towards forecasting the stock market. He started by showing the attendees how to instantiate Watson Studio on IBM Cloud and create a Cloud Object Storage. He then used the Quandl API to retrieve data from the API, imported the mined data as an asset into the Watson Studio Project, cleansed data with Data Refinery, made forecasts with IBM SPSS Software Modeler Flow, deployed the Modeler Flow Model with Watson Machine Learning, and validated the Model Stored in WML.

At the end of the webinar, the attendees were introduced to IBM Cloud Pak for Data and IBM Developer resources. Many of the attendees showed positive feedback and appreciation for the webinar.

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