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Coding Creativity with IBM Developer Series

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Since the beginning of the pandemic, we had to work from home and so our team of Developer Advocates has been delivering workshops in the IBM Developer Series on crowdcast and it has been growing ever since. We are always working on the series to deliver the best content we have. With IBM Developer Series, you can learn every day how to access everything, and build anything.

Now we are back with our series for 2021! This year we are starting with 3 workshops every week, where each day has a theme:

  • Security Tuesdays
  • Data and AI Wednesdays
  • Cloud-native and Red Hat OpenShift Thursdays

Who are we?

Our team of bright developer advocates is based in MEA. We are passionate individuals in the technology we work with, our skills and expertise vary between AI, Cloud-native, DevOps, Security, and much more!

What do we do?

Our goal is to nurture the developers with the latest technology trends and showcase the many amazing things we can do with different tech!
Thereโ€™s so much that we do, like delivering workshops, writing tutorials and code patterns, and working on new solutions!

Why should you join us in the Developer Series?

If you are passionate about learning, come learn with us! You can attend the workshops anytime, from the comfort of your home, anywhere!
You can expect our workshops to vary from building machine learning models, smart chatbots, building and deploying data science pipelines, DevOps pipelines, container technologies, serverless, securing your applications, and much more! And itโ€™s all open source!

How to attend developer series workshops?

You can check out more details on our series on various platforms like crowdcast, meetup, and LinkedIn. If you ever miss a workshop or want to watch it at any time, the replays are available the moment a stream ends! You can watch them from the same link.

Speak with us!

Did you know that you can also be featured as a guest speaker in the series? And it's very simple! When you attend any of our events, you can submit a form and we will contact you very soon!

Got more questions?

Our team of Developer Advocates is always ready to support the developer community! Never hesitate to contact us through email or our socials if you have any issues or questions about a workshop you attended, a code pattern you tried, or any questions you may have on IBM Cloud.

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