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Israel Blancas
Israel Blancas

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"Interesting developer links" Telegram Channel

Usually, I read a lot of articles about developing software, career success, team management and other stuff. Some of them are really useful and I would like to ensure more people read them. I'm crazy about spreading knowledge. The same thing with interesting repositories and tools that I find on GitHub or GitLab. Twitter and LinkedIn are some of the channels where I share this content but.. There is a lot of noise in those social networks and the information is missed. All of us are really busy and we can not review every single link or article we receive. And, sometimes, not all the material is really good. At the same time, it is really frustrating because, for sure, you want to continue learning new stuff as well as finding awesome tools. But you don't have time for this.

Busy guy

So, I decided to create a Telegram channel sharing just the most important links. The idea behind this channel is to provide the people a way to continue discovering interesting stuff for them but in small "pills". You'll receive a maximum of 5 messages each week with articles/tools/repositories that can be interesting for you. Nothing to overwhelm you. Would you give it a chance?

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Akorede Salaudeen Lateef

I am seeking opportunities to contribute my skills and knowledge through an internship or collaboration on projects. I am open to full-time or part-time positions and am eager to learn and grow in my field. If you have an available internship or project that aligns with my interests and skills, I would love the opportunity to be considered. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me to discuss further.

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I do not know maybe there is any assistant I could offer to your project because I am interested to contribute for the development of any project you are working on.