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How to create GitHub account for beginners?

Hello World :)

This is the first article from the series. In these article we gonna see how to create GitHub account as a beginner.

Follow the below steps to create your account:

  • Go to
    GitHub homapge

  • Click on "Sign up for github" button
    Button image

  • Enter your valid email address and password which you want to give.

  • Enter username of your choice
    (you can change your username later)
    (choosing a name which is easily remembered, short and professional looking is useful)
    (in the end it's your choice to pickup your username)

  • Enter y or n in next field according to your choice if you want to receive promotional emails from GitHub (I prefer to choose n)

  • Resolve a captcha and click on create account
    Form image

  • Next you will need to add the code received on your entered email address

Enter your code screen

  • After that you will be prompted to answer some question
  • Choose just me or 2-5 option & Student (as we are student right now, you can choose developer if you are not student) screenshot of question
  • Choose some features which you are interested in using? or looks interesting to you. screenshot of the question
  • After that choose the free option
    plan screen
    plan screen 2

  • Once you see the similar screen as below then it means you have created your GitHub account successfully.
    GitHub homepage after sign up

  • ( Now whenever you want to share your github profile just add your username after )

Hope, it was easy!
See you all in next article.

In case of any questions or query you can be reach me here :

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