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Visual Studio Code Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

Visual Studio Code is the most popular code editor or IDE (Integrated Development Environment) currently. VS Code is Free, built on open source, easy to use code editor.

Visual Studio Code keyboard shortcuts helps developers in writing code more efficiently and for boosting their working performance.

Shortcut keys are categorized in following categories :-
  • General Shortcuts
  • Basic Editing Shortcuts
  • Navigation Shortcuts
  • Search and replace Shortcuts
  • Multi-cursor and selection Shortcuts
  • Rich languages editing Shortcuts
  • Editor management Shortcuts
  • File management Shortcuts
  • Debug Shortcuts
  • Integrated terminal Shortcuts

Shortcut Key - Description

General Shortcuts

Ctrl+Shift+P, F1 - Show Command Palette
Ctrl+P - Quick Open, Go to File
Ctrl+Shift+N - New window
Ctrl+Shift+W - Close window
Ctrl+, - User Settings
Ctrl+K Ctrl+S - Keyboard Shortcuts

Basic Editing

Ctrl+X - Cut line
Ctrl+C - Copy line
Alt+ ↑ / ↓ - Move line up/down
Shift+Alt + ↓ / ↑ - Copy line up/down
Ctrl+Shift+K - Delete line
Ctrl+Enter - Insert line below
Ctrl+Shift+Enter - Insert line above
Ctrl+Shift+\ - Jump to matching bracket
Ctrl+] / [ - Indent/outdent line
Home / End - Go to beginning/end of line
Ctrl+Home - Go to beginning of file
Ctrl+End - Go to end of file
Ctrl+↑ / ↓ - Scroll line up/down
Alt+PgUp / PgDn - Scroll page up/down
Ctrl+Shift+[ - Fold (collapse) region
Ctrl+Shift+] - Unfold (uncollapse) region
Ctrl+K Ctrl+[ - Fold (collapse) all subregions
Ctrl+K Ctrl+] - Unfold (uncollapse) all subregions
Ctrl+K Ctrl+0 - Fold (collapse) all regions
Ctrl+K Ctrl+J - Unfold (uncollapse) all regions
Ctrl+K Ctrl+C - Add line comment
Ctrl+K Ctrl+U - Remove line comment
Ctrl+/ - Toggle line comment
Shift+Alt+A - Toggle block comment
Alt+Z - Toggle word wrap

Navigation Shortcuts

Ctrl+T - Show all Symbols
Ctrl+G - Go to Line
Ctrl+P - Go to File
Ctrl+Shift+O - Go to Symbol
Ctrl+Shift+M - Show Problems panel
F8 - Go to the next error
Shift+F8 - Go to previous error
Ctrl+Shift+Tab - Navigate editor group history
Alt+ ← / → - Go back / forward
Ctrl+M - Toggle Tab moves the focus

Search and replace

Ctrl+F - Find
Ctrl+H - Replace
F3 / Shift+F3 - Find next/previous
Alt+Enter - Select all occurences of Find match
Ctrl+D - Add selection to next Find match
Ctrl+K Ctrl+D - Move last selection to next Find match
Alt+C / R / W - Toggle case-sensitive / regex / whole word

Multi-cursor and selection Shortcuts

Alt+Click - Insert cursor
Ctrl+Alt+ ↑ / ↓ - Insert cursor above / below
Ctrl+U - Undo last cursor operation
Shift+Alt+I - Insert cursor at end of each line selected
Ctrl+L - Select current line
Ctrl+Shift+L - Select all occurrences of current selection
Ctrl+F2 - Select all occurrences of current word
Shift+Alt+→ - Expand selection
Shift+Alt+← - Shrink selection
Shift+Alt + (drag mouse) - Column (box) selection
Ctrl+Shift+Alt + (arrow key) - Column (box) selection
Ctrl+Shift+Alt + PgUp/PgDn - Column (box) selection page up/down

Rich languages editing

Ctrl+Space - Trigger suggestion
Ctrl+Shift+Space - Trigger parameter hints
Shift+Alt+F - Format document
Ctrl+K Ctrl+F - Format selection
F12 - Go to Definition
Alt+F12 - Peek Definition
Ctrl+K F12 - Open Definition to the side
Ctrl+. - Quick Fix
Shift+F12 - Show References
F2 - Rename Symbol
Ctrl+K Ctrl+X - Trim trailing whitespace
Ctrl+K M - Change file language

Editor management

Ctrl+F4, Ctrl+W - Close editor
Ctrl+K F - Close folder
Ctrl+\ - Split editor
Ctrl+ 1 / 2 / 3 - Focus into 1st, 2nd or 3rd editor group
Ctrl+K Ctrl+ ←/→ - Focus into previous/next editor group
Ctrl+Shift+PgUp / PgDn - Move editor left/right
Ctrl+K ← / → - Move active editor group

File management

Ctrl+N - New File
Ctrl+O - Open File...
Ctrl+S - Save
Ctrl+Shift+S - Save As...
Ctrl+K S - Save All
Ctrl+F4 - Close
Ctrl+K Ctrl+W - Close All
Ctrl+Shift+T - Reopen closed editor
Ctrl+K - Enter Keep preview mode editor open
Ctrl+Tab - Open next
Ctrl+Shift+Tab - Open previous
Ctrl+K P - Copy path of active file
Ctrl+K R - Reveal active file in Explorer
Ctrl+K O - Show active file in new window/instance


F9 - Toggle breakpoint
F5 - Start/Continue
Shift+F5 - Stop
F11 / Shift+F11 - Step into/out
F10 - Step over
Ctrl+K Ctrl+I - Show hover

Integrated terminal

Ctrl+C - Copy selection
Ctrl+V - Paste into active terminal
Ctrl+↑ / ↓ - Scroll up/down
Shift+PgUp / PgDn - Scroll page up/down
Ctrl+Home / End - Scroll to top/bottom

Other operating systems’ keyboard shortcuts and additional
unassigned shortcuts available at Click here

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