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5 Useful chrome extensions for Leetcode πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»

LeetCode is an online coding platform that offers software engineers a variety of coding challenges, courses, interviews, and other tools.

There are a number of Chrome extensions available for Leetcode, but here are 5 useful Chrome extensions for Leetcode:

1. LeetHub


It integrates a GitHub repository with leetcode and automatically pushes your solution to GitHub when you pass all tests on a Leetcode problem.

2. Leetcode Formatter

Leetcode Formatter

It formats your code into a neat and readable form. It basically, adds Format code button on leetcode to format the code using Prettier code formatter.

3. LeetCode Video Solutions

LeetCode Video Solutions

This extension let you Watch free LeetCode video solutions on the problem page itself, rather than being sidetracked by cat videos on YouTube when you should be solving a LeetCode problem.

4. LeetCode Enhancer

LeetCode Enhancer

This extension helps increase your productivity by removing distracting visual items from the screen, allowing you to concentrate on what is important.

5. CodingBuddy


This extension shows programming contests that are currently taking place and those that will be held soon on several major platforms.

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