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💡 Google Keep Clone

Created a fully featured Google Keep clone with Scrimba. This was my first class based project I took on.

The concept -

The concept was to be able to create to dos with easy to use intuitive methods. You can cross off items one by one to make your day better.

"Practicing learned skills can only make you better"

The hardest part about this challenge was learning how and when to use the this keyword within the class based methods. Also keeping track of state. Also, I'm glad I learned about modular and comments in the next lesson as when I added more and more functions it was getting really hard to read and keep track of who was using what function.

The order we completed the project:

  • Created out base class structure
  • Added the ability to add a post
  • Added the ability to edit a post
  • Added the ability to update the color of a post
  • Added the ability to remove a post
  • Added the functionality of saving your lists in local storage to persist into the next session.

Project Link

Live Site
Live Site

Screenshot of Google Keep Clone project

Let me know any feedback our thoughts as I continue my journey. Also feel free to shoot me an email.

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