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Crio Winter of Doing

Recently I got a chance to learn about amazing company named Crio started by former employees of Google / Motorola. They were doing a free program named Winter of Doing . This is so special people learn by doing the things. There will be guided notes / videos and help articles which can help us to learn more depth on subject.

It got 3 stages

  1. Stage 1: Understanding of basics on HTTP, REST API, Linux, AWS, GIT
  2. Stage 2: Depth learning on Frontend / Backend + Mini Project
  3. Stage 3: Externship

In this post we will be checking only about Stage 1.

First Exciting story. I have completed the Stage 1 and below is the certificate.


What is Core of Program

Learn things in hands-on. Having just video or text will never help us. Each and everything is mentioned step by step, so we can easily replicate the same hands-on. Only if we are learning by doing we can remember it easily. This is very simple trick, we might have written notes many times and we will be easily remembering it while if we have read out or listen to the contents it is difficult to reproduce again.

Stage 1



  • What are the various HTTP methods available
  • What are different status code
  • How we can send HTTP request (Postman, cURL, Java client and so on..)
  • Chrome DevTools and so on..

Linux Basics

  • Lot of commands
  • This is mandatory for anyone who would love to become Developer. When we are going to handle server components, we wont have GUI like in our machine and have to depend on Linux terminal command to execute lot of things.


  • Basics on how to provision on System, how to run it, how to connect it from our machine.
  • AWS was so easy we can start our machine within few minutes. Have never experienced it before.


  • Obviously without learning any version control there cannot be any developers.
  • Git is so popular choice for many companies / project maintainers


  • After this there was intense training on HTML , CSS and JS. Can confidently say with this training we can learn and work on any front end stack.

Micro Experience

After this we were trained to work on a mini project. We were trained to build our own profile website for this Front end is written in ReactJS and Backend using NodeJS. Our front end is hosted at Netlify and backend at heroku.

Community Learning

Around 10K+ participated in this program, most of them were in slack and we can ask questions based on the modules and Crio staff will be helping us and also other peers who are learning will also help us. This is best thing I can say. We all learn by teaching / helping others (remember what most of you did during your school days).

Who is this program targeted to

I can feel if some one is passionate about learning the code, they can surely join. Everyone can have many takeaway from this program. I have 6 years of experience at Zoho, one of the best SaaS company from Chennai, I was able to help few fellow participants and was able to understand how and where people get stuck and we can motivate them to write the code (surely i don't like spoon feeding; I love to push next steps by giving hints)


And participants were also given few awards

  • Disciplined Roaster: I believe learning is a compounding factor, its not done in a day. Each and every day just 1 hour if we can learn something new then it will make wonders.

  • Unstoppable Bull: Coding is really easy. But remember we should make sure the code which we write is readable by others (as we read English or any other language). This is where craftsmanship exist.

  • Relentless Bee: I strongly believer every learner never gives up till they have learned or mastered the skill. There is no full stop for learning, its never ending process.


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