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Basic Node Server Stuff

iamsourabhh profile image Sourabh Parmar ・1 min read

If you have been thinking to start NodeJs in 2019. Here are some cool code snippets that can give you kickstart and let you know, how easy it is.

1) A simple server setup

2) Implementing routing in a simple server setup

3) Code to parse the incoming request body from the client

I hope these code snippets might have helped you. This is my first ever blog post, any feedback or ideas for any other articles are quite welcome!

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emgodev profile image

This is really neat! I love simple back-to-basic introductions on subjects. But are you really going to make me type it all out myself? Screenshots of code are just a waste of bandwidth.

iamsourabhh profile image
Sourabh Parmar Author

Well I found this cool VSCode plugin which takes snapshot of the code but you said it right, no point uploading it of someone can't reuse it.