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Discussion on: Has your job impacted your physical health?

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Shad Mirza

When you start as a fresher in a startup with you being only dev then the answer is obviously Yes!!.
I had to learn a lot over a very short span of time and that resulted in a headache, sleepless nights, overworking and a hell lot of tension.
I was popping headache pills once every two days just to show up to work every day, it was really hard for the starting 4-5 months.
It did enable me to gain a lot of knowledge quickly but it's not something I'm really proud of.
Eye strains are another thing you face when you're in front of screen for 80% of the day.
I have seen weight loss due to tension and haven't slept for up to 3 days straight, again because of work stress.
I was using a bed table to study and code at room and it resulted in back problems that I'm still going through.
It was horrible. It wasn't too long, I'm talking about 2019.
Now, I don't mind taking a day off just to stay in bed and get a reset when things start to become too overwhelming.
I'm starting to understand that one should always put health over literally anything and taking care of myself more sincerely.
I didn't know earlier what productivity a good chair and a table bring but I must say that it's really important to invest in your workspace. It's worth it. At last, getting good sleep should be your top priority. It does wonders. Staying awake to get work done is not an idea, sleep early and wake up early instead. You will get work done in half the time, believe me on this. After a lot of tries, I was successful to get into the habit of waking up early and it's the most perfect thing if you want to be 2x productive.
Early morning is not really necessary but getting a nap before doing some work resets you and put you into optimum performance mode. Time doesn't really matter.