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{Data Capture} at its Platform Ingenuity

Marc Saint Benson
Presenting as a Data Capture Engineer for RFGen as Host Environment using tools on .Net, Web Services, Crystal Report and Javascript.
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I started as a web application developer, that is, started on year 2006 and then exposed for five years on the business process of e-commerce and a decade after I only realized I was meant for more than consumer and commerce interfaces.

As my first article, I would like to introduce myself as I journey with this platform, in meeting targets that used to be impossible to creative options a manufacturing company looking forward to sustain.

My exposure to shop floor operation started on Materials Distribution under JDEdwards XE, where third party data replication is used for high availability. As simple as the language Visual Basic 6.0 can be coded and executed, I was able to meet the specification and then walk through with our scanning users from Anaheim (California), Mira Loma (California), and then drove to Insurgentes (Mexico) and then flew to Joplin (Kansas) to Maiden (North Carolina) at a span of six months. Indeed different cities on different States I got a chance to experience on what it takes a simple program can do from an end-user (as we call them scanning users) down to inventory department and to finance reports.

I found the hosting application and the development environment (IDE) interesting and fluid, as the designing of the form interface simple and user custom driven. It mimics the design principles and framework seen on Microsoft's Visual Studio 6.0, where I'm very familiar with as I used it back on my college days and then to my consulting years to different enterprise industries.

Moving forward, I earned a lot of discipline as I get the chance to take charge on the system. I made it sure the following principle is followed as one application gets deployed after another.

* Separation of Design Code to Business Process Code
* Use of Modules for Commonly used Function, that can be ported across different forms
* Object Oriented functionalities, in preparation for the application to get into Object Oriented Environment
* Minimal design and implementation time
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I look forward to share my experience on scanning or data capturing and processing on a server client database infrastructure with high dependability features in it.

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