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An invitation to OSS Contributors for Screenshot

Screenshot is an open-source tool that provides users with granular controls to frame their screenshots and build engaging content faster.

Build engaging screenshots faster

How does it work?

To use Screenshot, go to, (1.) click on the frame to paste your clipboard's image, and then (2.) adjust the settings as needed.

Frame your screenshot using simple settings

We are actively working to improve and add more settings to Screenshot. Our goal is to provide a simple but powerful set of controls that can adjust to your needs.

Try our selection of color gradients

What's under the hood?

Screenshot is a web-application being built with React in TypeScript, bootstrapped with create-next-app, and styled with TailwindCSS and Radix UI components heavily inspired by

Share your feedback

If you encounter an issue or would like to suggest a new feature, please feel free to reach out using our GitHub Repository at


A great opportunity to join OSS

Contributing to Screenshot is a great opportunity to join OSS. Specially at this early pre-release stage, we are actively looking to engage with users and developers to learn more together about Screenshot.

Issues, Pull requests, and Discussions are welcomed! For more information about our project visit: GitHub Repository at

If you find Screenshot helpful, we'd appreciate giving it a Star in GitHub.

Fun fact: All of the screenshots used in this article have been created using, with the exception of the text.

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