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How to Add Sticky Footer Ads to Your Website

Sticky footer Ads is new way of increasing your Ad revenue. Even Google Auto Ads is using similar kind of Ads in Bottom page of your website. So In this article, I will be sharing Simplest Method To Add Responsive Footer Sticky Ads in WordPress and Sticky Footer Ads in Blogger Website.

Sticky Footer Ads

Benefits Of Placing Sticky Footer Ads on your Website

  • Footer Sticky Ads have more AdSense ads visibility that increase CTR & revenue.
  • Get More affiliate clicks if you place button that directly increase your commission.
  • Best place for banner placement for your third party advertiser & you can charge more for visibility.
  • Sticky Ads are Visitor friendly & visitor can close the ad if they feel annoying.
  • Fast Loading of ads on your site without impacting website speed & user experience.

Add Sticky Ads in WordPress Blog

Best part of WordPress is you can always search for Plugins to do your task.

Below are some plugins to ad Sticky footer ads in your WordPress blog.

  • Ad Inserter
  • Sticky Ads
  • Advanced Ads
  • Q2W3 Fixed Widget plugin (Sticky widget)
  • and many more.

You can Search more plugins in WordPress plugin section and try for free.

Now, If you want to implement using CSS Code then need to follow some steps and proper code to add sticky footer ads to your website.

Add Sticky Footer Ads Html CSS code

If you want to use Html and CSS code to add bottom sticky ads then you can refer below detail article.

Learn with proper steps - Add Sticky Footer Ads Blogger

Things to Consider Before Implementation

I know that, you are super excited to add sticky footer Ads in your blog to increase your revenue. But, before that you should read the following rules. Otherwise, your Adsense account will be banned.

For more you can check out: Floating bottom Ads in blogger

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