5 Resources that helped me learn Git

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When I first started learning Git I got confused a lot (I still do).

These are the resources I used then and the ones I still refer back to now.

Git Book

When I started learning I was recommended this book and it is a fantastic resource for everyone.

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Learn Git Branching

Learn Git Branching is an interactive website/course that walks you through using Git for the first time. Level up your git skills as you progress through the challenges.

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Gitlet is an implementation of Git in JavaScript written by Mary Rose Cook. The code is fully annotated and explains both Git and the source code behind building Gitlet. Great for getting a look under the bonnet of Git.

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Oh Shit, Git!?!

My go-to resource whenever I hit a problem, A comprehensive collection of common problems and solutions

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git ready

A collection of git snippets and tips for all users. Another great resource to refer to when you a struggling to solve an issue involving git.

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Would love to hear of any other recommendations.

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