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Zero to Kubernetes: Learn Kubernetes from Beginner to Advanced

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You've heard of Docker and Kubernetes, and you can tell that they are the next big thing to learn.

You want to master Kubernetes, but where should you start?

Enter Zero to Kubernetes: a step-by-step course on how to architect, develop and deploy applications in Kubernetes.

This course walks you through the full path from coding an application to deploying it to a production-grade Kubernetes cluster.

You will learn how to

  • Write a note-taking application in Node.js or Java
  • Package the app as a Docker image
  • Deploy the containerised application to a local Minikube cluster
  • Refactor your application to make it stateless and scalable
  • Deploy the improved application to a production-grade Kubernetes cluster on AWS

This workshop is for

  • Docker and Kubernetes beginners
  • Developers who build and architect cloud-native applications
  • DevOps and system administrators


  • Java or Node.js installed
  • Minikube and kubectl
  • Docker
  • Git, curl

This workshop is Windows, macOS and Ubuntu friendly.

You will be using the Learnk8s Academy for this workshop. You will need a valid email address to access the content.


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Amaury Borges Souza

This is help me in the week, I started a course abour Kubernetes and I'm needing to understand some commands.