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Make a Finals Calculator

Before you read

This article is to take notes and to use them in the future when writing about my life to go to college and high school.

If you are interested about a boring teenager's life, read on.

Or you could just leave.

Inspiration and App

For about a few pages, I will be talking about my app's inspiration and how it came to be.

Web App:
Play Store App:

🤔 Inspiration - Problem

A few months back, in December, it was the Finals term and a lot of my Middle School friends were struggling.

Not everybody is perfect, so many of the students get a few points taken away from their projects as well as their midterms.

Few of my friends were very curious how much they needed to get in their finals to get at least A or sometimes B.

💡 Inspiration - Ideas

They asked people very good at math, including me, to calculate their scores.

One of my classmates and I calculated all of my friends score, but while doing so, I realized the process could be automated.

So, I decided to make an app in Svelte the following day to help my friends.

👍 Reactions

A lot of my friends complimented on my app.

They said it was useful, less stressful to study, fast, and easy to use.

👤 Users

This app is actually my most successful one so far (by users) though it is far the simplest to create.

During finals term, there were over 200 people per day.

Though the app is used once a year because the finals happen once a year.


My theory, before making the app was the following:

  1. The way you calculate the lowest score to get A is by making sure the overall score was higher than or equal to 89.5%
  2. The app will ask for inputs of midterm, the percentage of midterm and finals respectively, and the projects score
  3. Then, it will display a panel that shows how much score is need to get at least A, B, C, e.t.c.



As seen above, the most popular time was the Korean Middle School Finals Exam Week.

The little surge after the Exam Week was after posting this post and making the play store app.


My GitHub

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