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DPS911: The beginning of a new journey

hyperthd profile image Abdulbasid Guled Updated on ・3 min read

God, what did I get myself into? The break really came and left us that quickly.

It's been awhile. First off, I did pass DPS909, no surprises there. While I did struggle a bit towards the end, my start and finish were good enough to get the grade that I got. Secondly, I really needed the time away from school the past few weeks. I was experiencing burnout around mid-November and some other stuff that had occurred in my life had made it really hard for me to really focus on my schooling. As shameful as it is for me to admit, I did also experience alot of the imposter syndrome around this time too as many of my peers were doing really well with their releases and labs and I had little to show. The time off has really helped give me the breathing space I need.

In my last post, I talked about my approach to DPS911. That has not changed. I did notice, however, that only 5 students had enrolled in this class as of the writing of this blog post (Saturday January 9th, 2021). I'm actually acquainted with 3 of the students so I guess that's a plus. I can only assume the list for CPA equivalent, OSD700, has much more student enrolled.

Stalking github, I noticed that a new wiki page was made for the Winter 2021 DPS911/OSD700 was made. I won't link here as I'm sure it's still a work in progress and the school year hasn't even started yet. I didn't open it either. This only leaves me with the assumption that we'll continue working on Telescope. Since last year's students officially released it under ver 1.0, then perhaps, we'll push it to ver 2.0. Just a thought.

With only one scheduled class per week this time as opposed to two, maybe we're going to have synchronous meetings discussing what everyone's going to do with Telescope? I wouldn't be surprised if it was asynchronous, but I would think for a class of this caliber, that there would be live discussion meetings similar to an actual working environment. This class also doesn't get many students compared to the previous course so with less students, organizing the material should be easy too? I'll be patient with this.

Assuming Telescope is the plan for this semester, I'll need to continue reading over Typescript, and Material-UI. I used the latter in my capstone project, with limited experience, especially since I'm terrible at UI/UX design. I can code it in ofc, but actually designing stuff is where I struggle immensely with, especially when it comes to feedback. So, I'll continue to practice this.

God, I'm still writing alot, and the semester hasn't even started yet. I can only imagine what will come once the semester started. I'll see you guys in DPS911

PS: I needed to make something useful and fun, so I used a template design to make a portfolio website. It's still a work in progress as I'll need to work on some more projects to add to my resume section, but I'm happy with the design. Leave some constructive feedback. I already got some on the font size of my navbar, so I'll have to fix that, but anything else would be a plus. It was made with react. I hate plugging, but this is a one-time occasion, I promise! :D

Check it out here

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