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I am surprised to find such a similar Linux config to my own!
I also use Arc theme albeit a slightly different variant called X-Arc-Darker with the paper icon theme.
I also run Fedora 30 (the main laptop is running Pop_OS! though due to Nvidia driver stability issue).
Also using Tilix, Mailspring, ohmyzsh with powerlevel9k, VS Code, GitKraken, DashToDock, Topicon Plus, etc. Doing web dev with Django and Angular most of the time.

So at least on the superficial side, the setup is pretty similar :D. Thanks for the article~


yep, will try~
I also find the spaceship theme very attractive (just like those icons XD)

Powerlevel10k is 28 times faster than Spaceship in a representative benchmark: reddit.com/r/zsh/comments/c3osfa/p.... Spaceship is faster than Powerlevel9k.

WOW, that's some number. Will definitely try it out!


How is your experience with Pop_OS!. Is it as great and clean as advertised


Sorry for getting back to you this late. I don't check the notification very frequently. -.-

Getting to your question, yes, at least I think so.
The nicest thing about PopOS is hardware compatibility. Most distros don't respect the fact that most laptops have hybrid graphics. For me, providing an NVidia option OOB is highly appreciated.

Regarding performance, I think some YT channels compared it to Ubuntu and came to the conclusion that it was actually a bit snappier and performs a bit better in games. I have not used Ubuntu since 16.04, which gave me horrible memories at the time btw, so I cannot attest that. But I can attest that it runs as snappy as a vanilla Fedora of the same age, and ran much faster compared to Zorin OS 15 when it came out.

I don't know your definition of "clean" but I don't think it is bloated. It contains many PopOS-specific plugins that fit in really well, so the experience is cohesive. I am not a fan of their design aesthetics, especially the choices of fonts, colors and icon styles, but it is well-thought-out and well-put-together.

So yeah, my experience with PopOS is largely positive. There are some issues which you would be able to find in their Github issues but generally, they are not deal breaker.

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