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Towards the beginning of the year I had migrated my personal site setup from Jekyll over to Craft CMS.

Around that time I was interested in improving my Craft CMS development skills, so it made sense to use my website as a playground to learn.

Since then, I have learned a lot and made a few screencasts along the way. That time spent learning and experimenting has had a big influence on how I approach new Craft CMS builds these days, success!

Lately I have been feeling the itch to get back to something simpler and lighter. I had seen Zach Leatherman had released Eleventy recently, which is an alternative to Jekyll built on Javascript.

After roughly a week of setup, design/development and content migration, I have a new site setup. I really like the flexibity 11ty offers in comparision to my previous Jekyll build. 11ty manages my content and templates and I bring my own styling and scripting layers.

Feel free to take a peak at the source.

This post was originally featured on my website.

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