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Hayden Wadsworth
Hayden Wadsworth

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Swift vs React Native

Having used SwiftUi for awhile now and having just dabbled here and there with React native, Swift has been my go to as such. Recently I’ve found myself using React native a lot more and chosen to use that to build my new app.

What’s your go to and why? Feel free to link any apps that you have released on the App Store :)

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Ryan Kuruppu

You're picking between a Native language (even though parts of it are compiled to Obj-C) vs a JavaScript library that converts JS into Obj-C or swift code. I don't think its a matter of "go-to" but a matter of what's needed in the project.

Need Less Cost, More Flexibility, Single codebase for cross-platform? React Native.

If you need native performance or you're developing the application purely for iOS and not android/windows/web etc. Go for Swift UIKit or SwiftUI.