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[Intro] 🙌 Introduction to "CodeArts": One-stop DevSecOps Platform

CodeArts Introduction:

CodeArts is a one-stop software development platform that integrates Huawei’s nearly 30 years of R&D capabilities and practices, cutting-edge R&D concepts, and advanced R&D engineering capabilities. It provides you with a high-quality cloud-based development experience to make software development simpler and more efficient. CodeArts covers the software delivery life cycle, supports full life cycle software development services such as requirements management, code hosting, pipeline, code inspection, compilation, deployment, testing, etc.; Supports IPD, DevSecOps, agile methodologies, Kanban, CI/ CD continuous delivery and other mainstream R&D models; covering embedded, cloud services, microservices, mobile applications and other application development scenarios; built-in requirements management, code inspection, test management and many other Huawei R&D specifications.

Product Link:

The Sandbox Environment Introduction:

Through the CodeArts sandbox environment, users can use CodeArts, to test and learn the whole process of cloud development from project planning, requirements management, code development, cloud deployment, release and testing, to quickly experience and understand the one-stop DevOps development process.

User Benefits:

Using CodeArts for R&D management and iterative release to master the management of project planning using requirements management services. In software development environments where requirements change frequently, development and test environments are complex, multi-branch maintenance will be difficult, and progress and quality cannot be effectively monitored. CodeArts can be used as a one-stop cloud services for the whole software development process.

Target Users: All developers

Sandbox Environment Fees:

1) Experiment Name: Planning & Design by CodeArts (Basic) – FREE

2) Experiment Name: Planning & Design by CodeArts – FREE

3) Experiment Name: Deployment & Release by CodeArts – Involves purchasing ECS fees (0.1204 USD/hour; 0.114 USD/GB)

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